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As a partner organization of Wycliffe Bible Translators, SIL International supports the global Bible Translation movement by facilitating sustainable change in all areas of life through the heart language of the different people groups. In his role as Creation Care Consultant Peter Jan helps people improve their lives by improving the way they interact with creation. In this way he also helps make the biblical message more relevant and applicable to people’s daily lives. We gladly support Peter Jan to enable him to do this ministry.

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The mission of Peter Jan

Improving our relationship with Creation

I believe that the Good News includes the restoration of all Creation and it is my dream to contribute to improving our relationship with Creation for the glory of God. I want to do that specifically through SIL International, a partner organization of Wycliffe Bible Translators. As a Creation Care Consultant, I’m helping to promote best practices in Creation Care among all the different partners in more than 70 countries, working together with SIL International.

I’m providing professional expertise in the area of Creation Care to the language groups, partners, churches and organizations active in the Bible translation movement. Most of these language groups are very much dependent on nature and it is also these people who suffer the most from climate change and the negative impacts of human intervention.

Because SIL International has little expertise in the area of Creation Care, they partner with A Rocha!

To get an impression of the kind of work I’m involved in, you can watch the videos below. These videos are from the Kenya ministry of the Reformed Churches of North America.

Watch the Climate Conversation videos

In the Netherlands I’m working with A Rocha Netherlands and with Climate Stewards to help Christian organizations understand and reduce their ecological footprint and to help them compensate this through holistic carbon offsetting projects in the countries that are the most impacted by climate change.

After receiving my Master’s Degree in Ecology, the Lord led me to become a Bible translator, instead of directly entering the field of conservation biology, and it has been an amazing ministry. I never expected to be able to combine these two passions, but now that our season of living with the Korowai on-site has ended, God has given me the opportunity to use my knowledge and experience to serve all the language groups partnering with SIL International.

Achtergrond foto waarop natuur te zien is.

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If you would like to support Peter Jan financially, a monthly commitment would be most appreciated. This will give him the opportunity to serve SIL International and A Rocha Netherlands in a sustainable way.

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